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Saint Cecilia, our patroness, pray for us!

“Be who God meant you to be… and you will set the world on fire.”

Saint Catherine of Siena


Our Lady of Guadalupe
the Patroness of America and the Diocese of Orange

Tuesday, 12/12
4:00 AM – Mananitas

5:00 AM – Spanish
6:30 AM – English
8:30 AM – English
7:00 PM – Spanish

Advent Reflection and Confession 2017

Monday, 12/18 – Vietnamese

6:00 PM – Vietnamese Reflection in Church
7:00 PM – Vietnamese Confession in Church

Tuesday, 12/19 – English & Spanish

6:00 PM – English Reflection in Church
6:00 PM – Spanish Reflection in Hall
7:00 PM – English & Spanish Confession in Church

4th Advent Sunday Mass Schedule

Please use our 4th Sunday collection envelope.
Saturday, 12/23
There is a regular 8:00 AM Saturday Mass.
But, there is No Saturday morning Confession.
The decoration is in the Church right after the 8:00 AM Saturday Mass.

5:00 pm           English

6:30 pm           Vietnamese
Sunday, 12/24
7:00 am           English (no 6:30 am, no 7:30 am)
9:00 am           English

11:00 am          English
1:00 pm           Spanish

Then, Christmas Vigil Masses will start on the evening of this same Sunday.

Christmas Mass Schedule

Please use our Christmas collection envelope.

Sunday, 12/24
4:00 pm           English  * plus   4:10 PM   English in Hall
6:00 pm           English

7:30 pm           Prelude – Pre-mass Vietnamese Music
8:00 pm           Vietnamese
10:00 pm         Spanish
11:30 pm          Prelude – Pre-mass English Music
Midnight          English
Monday, 12/25
7:00 am           English (no 6:30 am, no 7:30 am)
9:00 am           English  (no Mass in Hall, only at Easter)

11:00 am          English
1:00 pm           Spanish

No 5:00 PM Mass, No 7:00 PM Mass, Church is closed after 3:00 PM.
During the Christmas Octave Week, there is only 1 morning daily Mass at 9:00 AM from Tuesday 12/26 to Friday 12/29. There is No confession this Wednesday.


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The deadline of submission to Rose Schiller ( of the weekly bulletin announcements of each ministry is before noon each Monday.

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Pastor’s Corner

Second Sunday of Advent, December 10th, 2017

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Homecoming is the central theme of the Scripture readings for the Second Sunday of Advent. All three readings focus on the absolute necessity of our getting ready for Christ’s “Homecoming” into our hearts and lives by true repentance, reparation, prayer and the renewal of our lives. They also remind us that the past coming of Jesus 2000 years ago, the present daily coming of Jesus into our lives through the Eucharistic celebration, through the Scriptures and through the praying community, and his future coming (the Second Coming) are actually the fulfillment of God’s saving plan for us, from all eternity. The Gospel tells us through John the Baptist how we should prepare to receive Jesus our Savior’s “coming home” into our lives during the Advent season by repentance and the renewal of life. John preached that the appropriate behavior for those preparing “the way of the Lord” was to be baptized “as they confessed their sins.” He wanted the Jews to prepare their lives for the Messiah by filling in the valleys of prejudice, leveling the mountains of pride and straightening out their crooked paths of injustice and immorality. John recommended a baptism of repentance in the river Jordan to the Jews who were familiar with ritual and symbolic washings. The most amazing thing about John’s baptism was that, as a Jew, he was asking fellow-Jews to submit to the baptism of repentance which only a Gentile was obliged to undergo.

We need to prepare for the rebirth of Jesus. We are invited by the Church to prepare for Christmas by repenting of our sins and renewing our lives so that Jesus may be reborn in us. Let us ask with Alexander Pope the challenging question— What do I profit, if Jesus is born in thousands of cribs all over the world unless he is born in my heart and in my life?

This coming Tuesday, December 12th, we will celebrate the Feast Day of Our Lady of Guadalupe, patroness of our Diocese. Please join us in doing so at either the 5 am, 6:30 am, 8:30 am or 7 pm Masses. Also, mark your calendar for Tuesday, December 19th at 6 pm for our Advent Reflection and at 7pm for our Advent Penance Service. Please come and reconcile yourself with God and with one another before the solemn feast of Christmas.

This coming Friday, December 15th, at 7:30 am, we will have our parish Christmas Concert. Please invite your family and friends to come and experience once again the birthday of Christ through music.

In Christ Jesus,

Fr. Bao

Habitat for Humanity of Orange County
Catholic Coalition Build Day Volunteer

The Catholic Coalition Build Day at Tustin has been scheduled for Volunteers on Saturday, December 16, starting at 8 am. Many families like to have volunteer activities set up for the holiday season, so it’s great timing. Lunch is being provided by the KOC of San Francisco Solano Parish from Tacos and Company.

To participate, please sign up on Volunteer Hub and please using the build code CC17.
1. Remember that everyone on site will need to wear close-toed, hard-soled shoes!
2. Follow the construction button to the Tustin Site button once signed in with the CC17 code (our event is the only one available).


Please consider making your 2017 Year End Giving
Gift to support St. Cecilia Parish’s Capital Building
Fund. We ask that you use the parish vanilla envelope
designated for the Building Fund, and write your parish
ID envelope number on it. If you are not using our envelopes,
please write your full name, address and
phone number on a blank envelope, and we will create
your parish ID number and inform you of it to use in
the future.

In addition, you may consider donating your 2017 Year
End Giving Gift as your Christmas and New Year’s
gift to St. Cecilia. We are deeply grateful for your generosity
and loving support throughout the year and in
particular this 2017 Year End Giving Gift. Please be
assured that we will send our tax deductible letter to
you toward the end of January 2018.

Please do not hesitate to contact Fr. Bao Thai at 714
-544-3250, Ext. 14, or Deacon Bill Weeks, our Business
Manager, at Ext. 12.
Again, thank you for your charitable giving! May
God bless you abundantly!

Congratulations to our School Boys Volleyball Team Championship 2017 !

Congratulations to our School Decathletes 2017 !


VANCO is easily accessible 24/7. By streamlining, processing and simplifying donation tasks, VANCO gives you a secured and personalized online place to enter donations or payments, and generate reports. VANCO is dedicated to protecting customers’ privacy. More than 20,000 churches assure the success of their communities and missions through VANCO. Thank you very much for using VANCO to support our St. Cecilia Church and School!



Xin vào đây hưởng ứng DỰ ÁN LA VANG

Ân nhân Danh Dự: 25,000 Mỹ kim
Ân nhân Bậc Nhât: 10,000 Mỹ kim
Ân nhân Bậc Hai: 5,000 Mỹ kim
Ân nhân Bậc Ba: 3,000 Mỹ kim
Tên của quý Ân nhân hưởng ứng từ 3,000 Mỹ kim trở lên sẽ được khăc ghi trên Đài Tri Ân tại Linh Đài Mẹ trong Tòa Giám Mục.
Thí dụ: Ông Bà Nguyễn văn A; Mẹ Phan thị B; Bô Trân quôc C; Cha Mẹ Lê thanh D.


The assigned 2017 PSA goal for St. Cecilia Church is $128,000. This same amount of the last year, along with the goals of other Parishes and Centers in the Diocese of Orange, will be used to carry out the mission of the Church by supporting eleven pastoral ministries and services including …. Please click the link below for PSA Video and Letter. Please use the “Proud to be Catholic” white envelope or the Parish yellow envelope. You may make checks payable to Orange Catholic Foundation, or use credit card or ACH via the link below and please select St. Cecilia Church. (Please note that the cream envelope is totally for our Restricted Parish Capital Building Fund at St. Cecilia.) Thank you very much.

Please click here for PSA VIDEO

Please click here for PSA LETTER

Please click here for PSA CONTRIBUTION by CREDIT CARD or ACH 

Go Green
 Smart Phone @

Go green! Please press your Home Screen button on your smart phone, and go to web browser on your smart phone, such as Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer… Please type, and if you are using an iPhone, then press an icon that has an arrow up inside an open square outline. And, press an icon that has a plus sign, saying “Add to Home Screen.” Then, press a word “Add.” Congratulations! Now you have an icon of St. Cecilia website on your smart phone. What do you find there? Our Weekly Bulletin, Monthly Mass Schedule, Address, Phone and Fax numbers of Church & School, especially the Emergency Number Only, and a link to use Credit Card or ACH to donate or to pay through Vanco Company.





We — Fr. Bao, Fr. Ismael, Fr. Nicolaus, Deacon Dong, Deacon Rafael, Deacon Bill, Deacon Gaston, Deacon Aristotle, Sr. Francesca, Mrs. Alvarado, Staff and Faculty — are deeply grateful to you for all your constant prayers and loving supports to our St. Cecilia Catholic Church and School!

Through the intercessions of Our Heavenly Mother Mary and St. Cecilia,
May Our Loving and Merciful God bless and grant you and your family
a merry Christmas and a very grace-filled New Year!

Office Hours
Monday – Saturday
9:00 am – 6:00 pm
Tel: 714-544-3250
Fax: 714-838-1996

24-Hour-Emergency Number
(only for Sick, Dying, Death)