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That Man Is You



We just successfully completed the Called and Gifted Workshop. I am so thankful to Lisa Ramirez, the Core Planning Team, Diocesan Team, Presenters, all volunteers and attendants for your countless works, talent and time. I believe that the workshop has started you on a path to understanding how the Holy Spirit continually blessed you with graces to do the work of Jesus in the world. I am now inviting you to help me to spread the word of another program to all gentlemen.

That Man Is You – Becoming a Man after God’s Own Heart is the excellent program for gentlemen. The program was developed in 2004, by Mr. Steve Bollman, a former energy derivatives trader from Houston, Texas. It quickly spread throughout the United States establishing itself as one of the premier men’s program in the Church today. Mr. Bollman states that That Man Is You will help to discover:

– The Scriptural vision of man, including the four leadership roles entrusted to him, and the overwhelming scientific evidence in support of this vision.
– The five personal leadership traits necessary to fulfill authentic male leadership.
– Modern society’s attack on authentic manhood and the three major obstacles to fulfilling this vision of man.
– The three means for discovering God’s presence in life.
– The wonderful renewal God has in store for men, their families and greater society.

The program is divided into two 13 week sessions. The Fall session emphasizes the development of the vision of the Scriptural man, especially in his relationship to his family and society while the Spring session emphasizes the practical means of becoming that man. This September 11, 2016 is the first session of a series to be held at St. Cecilia on Sundays, 7:30 – 8:30 am (time just revised), in the Hall, until December 18 (except Nov. 6 & 27).

I am very grateful to the Core Planning Team, created by gentlemen who are St. Cecilia School parents – Scott Cwiertny, Marcos Ramirez, Benny Saputo, Javier Vallejo, David Mello and Todd Harnett, for their tireless time and talent they have given to prepare and put together the first Fall session held here at St. Cecilia.

I am happy and strongly recommend all gentlemen, relatives and friends, to register and attend the Fall 13 week sessions on Sundays, 7:30 – 8:30 am, in the Hall, from September 11 to December 18 (except Nov. 6 & 27). You are invited to arrive at 7:15 am to check in, have a cup of coffee and donuts and be ready for the session starting at 7:30 am. The session lasts only 60 minutes: the first 30 minutes of PowerPoint Presentations and the rest Reflection and Sharing. Though the session ends at 8:30 am, it still provides enough time for you with a renewed spirit to be with your wife and children at the 9:00 am Sunday Mass. Or, you may come to the 6:30 am Mass and attend TMIY at 7:15 am in the Hall. For registration and more information, please meet the members of the Team at their table outside after Mass or click on this link. I am looking forward to seeing you at the That Man Is You program on Sundays at 7:15 am in the Hall.