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Vocations from St. Cecilia

Over the years since the foundation of St. Cecilia parish, many men and women have responded to the call to follow Christ. The following is a list of those presently active in Priestly Ministry, those ordained as Deacons and those vowed in the Consecrated Life.

Msgr. John Urell
Ordained for the Diocese or Orange, June 4, 1978
Monsignor was the first St Cecilia vocation ordained from the parish.

Fr Steve Sallot
Ordained for the Diocese of Orange, June 14, 1980

Fr Jerry Horan, OSM
Ordained for the Servants of Mary (Servites), 1982

Fr Michael Mathews, CSC
Ordained for the Congregation of the Holy Cross, April 10, 1999

Fr Andy Do, SVD
Ordained for Divine Word Missionaries, 2008

Fr Khoi Phan
Ordained for the Diocese of Orange: June 6, 2009

Fr Matt Muñoz
Ordained for the Diocese of Orange, June 12, 2010

Fr Benjamin Hoang
Ordained for the Diocese of Orange: June 9, 2012
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Fr Jeremy Lambert, LC
Ordained for the Community of the Legionnaires of Christ, Dec 15, 2010

Deacon Jon D. Schlemmer
Ordained for the Diocese of Orange, 1990

Deacon Dong Ngo
Ordained for the Diocese of Orange, 2005

Our Current Seminarian


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Aristotle Quan


Hello my name is Aristotle Quan. I am the currently seminarian that comes from St. Cecilia. I was born and raised in Orange County. I grew up in Tustin, but I went to school in Irvine. My desire to be a priest started after I came back from a trip to Jerusalem in 2008. I have been in seminary formation for about six years now. I got my bachelor’s degree in philosophy at Mount Angel Oregon. I completed two years of graduate studies in St. Patrick’s seminary in Menlo Park. The last 2014-15 year, I was at St. Timothy’s Parish in Laguna Niguel for an internship. This 2015-16 year I am at St. Irenaeus in Cypress for another internship year. Please keep me in your prayers and I keep you in mine. God bless.