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Mission Circle



St. Cecilia Mission Circle Ministry

St. Cecilia’s Parish has an extensive Mission Ministry. Begun by Msgr. Sammon 50 years ago, the program is still thriving due to the dedication of members of our parish who use the blue envelope every month to donate money. We sincerely thank all of you who are so generous. Whether you give a dollar or more is not so important as the fact that you care. We know that all missionaries around the world pray for you and your loved ones. They in turn ask for your prayers as well as donations. Prayer is the strength of the missionary’s life.

At the present time, we support 36 missions in 18 foreign countries and one in the USA. We have: Guatemala-2, El Salvador-2, Haiti-1, Columbia-1, Ecuador-1, Nigeria-2, Central Africa-1, Ethiopia-1, Kenya-2, Tanzania-1, Belarus-1, Russia-2, Hungary-1, India-10, Bangladesh-1, Thailand-1, Philippines-1, New Guinea-3, USA-1.

St. Rose de Lima Mission Group also support two missions, one in Nicaragua and one in Guatemala with their own fund raising activities.

Remember, the strength of Missions is prayer. So pray everyday for the Missionaries who have dedicated their lives to helping those less fortunate in the world. Thank you so much

St. Cecilia Mission Ministry Board