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Pastoral Council

I. Mission Statement:

The Pastoral Council of St. Cecilia Church is an elected and appointed representational body of the Church Community, who meet regularly with the Pastor to discuss openly the Christian life and community activity of the parish to ensure all voices of the parish are heard and considered.

II. By-laws:

Please click here.

III. PC Meeting Minutes:

October 19, 2023 Minutes ( Click here to access ).

IV: Council Members:

      • Fr. Khoi Phan             -Pastoral Administrator
      • Mike De Pasquale     – Council Chair
      • Timothy Bui
      • Elizabeth Cwiertny
      • David Garibay
      • Eva Halili
      • Jennie Harnett
      • Marianne Hatherhill
      • Yanika Kurniawan
      • Phuc Nguyen
      • Pete Ruiz
      • Julie Schoenbacher
      • Gary Schonebacher
      • Mike Zinn                 -Council Chair Emeritus