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The Sacrament of Baptism is also known as the doorway to all the other six sacraments of the Church. It is through Baptism that we are freed of Original Sin and given our first taste of sanctifying grace. This grace floods the soul and makes it pure and pleasing to the Father. We become adopted into the family of Jesus Christ and heirs to the Kingdom of Heaven. In time and because of this first sacrament, we become ambassadors for Christ. Baptism makes us also a part of a given church family. St Cecilia Catholic Church is happy to welcome you and to be that home. Your decision to belong to us is a decision to belong to a vibrant life of faith. Take part in the life of faith that is offered in our parish. To enter deeply into the Church is to experience the wonders of Christian fellowship and God’s love for you! 


Baptism for Children
Ages: Newborn to 6

Date: Sunday
2nd Sunday 2 PM:   Spanish. Please contact Deacon Andres Guerrero, 714-612-7586
3rd Sunday, 3 PM:   Vietnamese. Please contact Deacon Dong Ngo, 714-504-9186.
4th Sunday 3 PM:    English. Please contact Front Desk, 714-544-3250, Ext. 10.

Suggested Donation for Parish Utilities if you prefer your own Private Baptism: $600.00 dollars.

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Baptism for Grammar School, Elementary School, High School Students
Ages: 7 to 18 

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Baptism for Adults
Ages: 19 and above

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