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Stewardship as a way of giving!

Seven Habits Of A Highly Effective Steward

Much has been written about the habits it takes to be a highly effective person, or a highly effective family or a highly effective teen.  This seven-part series will reflect on the habits of a highly effective steward.

Since stewardship is a part of discipleship, and discipleship is a journey for each of us, we hope that these habits will help us reflect on this area of our Christian life.

Habit 2:  Sacrifice

It is impossible to say a person is a highly effective steward if they aren’t sacrificial. Sacrifice is one of the significant characteristics of a good steward, and Jesus Christ shows this in the most realistic way possible. Philippians 2:6-7 explains how He sacrificed His divinity to restore the relationship between the Father and us. He suffered at the hands of those He created and stayed in the belly of hell for this purpose.

Every steward that seeks to be highly effective must imbibe this level of sacrifice. No wonder Philippians 2:5 urges us to have the same mind as Christ. We will have to make sacrifices to ensure that what is in our care thrives in the best way possible. As such, we will go through hurt and ridicule sometimes, but we must count it all joy for the kingdom.